Numerology : Science of numbers

If you are facing any problems in life regarding money, career, business, married life or you want a better growth in your life by knowing yourself better and taking life changing decisions, you are at the best place. By only making some changes in spelling of your name, your company’s name or mobile number you can see drastic changes and tremendous results.

Name numerology and it’s importance

After the birth we all get blessed with a name given by our parents or guardians. That name becomes our identity, on birth certificate, identity proofs, official documents and in every possible place this name follow us everywhere. This name get recorded in our sub conscious mind and we respond on its sound. This name has a calculation and every calculation has its own meaning and effects. Most of the times only because of its wrong calculation we go through the hardships of life and just only by rectify its calculation we reap the full benefits of our fate.

Mobile numerology and it’s significance

Nowadays the most attached thing with us is our mobile phone and we don’t go anywhere without it not even in toilets. Every mobile phone has a number and with the help of that we communicate with each other. That number becomes your identity, people dial that number to reach you and save that number under your name. So the good and ill effects of those numbers affect you too and make a huge difference in your life. By changing the calculation of these numbers we can change a lot of things in our daily lifestyle.


Vaastu and it’s effects on us

Vaastu is best described as science of living according to nature and balance its energies in our home for peaceful and prosperous life. Vaastu shastra is an ancient science of constructing homes, buildings, monuments and any other construction on this earth. Everything has it’s own place where it belongs otherwise instead of giving us benefits that thing can start giving us negative effects. Nowadays we get readymade flats, floors or villas, so it’s not possible for all of us to reconstruct them according to vaastu. There are so many economical and effective solutions in vaastu, without even hitting a wall we can reap the benefits of it.


Remedies and it’s necessity

Our karma describes our future, nature of this universe is neutral, whatever we do good or bad it comes back to us in that way. This universe gives us everything like sunlight, water, air, useful plants, fruitful trees and many more other things. But we forget to show a gesture of gratitude towards it. Remedies are the part of good karma, by doing some simple activities we try to balance our karma and get positive results.

  • Saving nature by nourish it.
  • Helping others in any possible way.
  • Morning awakening to refresh body aura.
  • Spend time with nature and enjoy.
  • Feeding animals show them love.


Our courses consists of logical learning from all different authentic books of Numerology and practical experiences. You can predict accurate and gives precise solutions to people and help them grow in their field.


In monthly workshops we provide basic knowledge of numbers and planets and how they are connected to each other with help of storyline in a very simple way.

Bonus: Tips on prediction through Mobile numerology.

Course Duration:
3 hours @510/-



Mobile numerology

It’s a very special course for predictions through mobile numbers. Imagine someone calls you and you gives prediction after picking up the call by just giving a glimpse on phone numbers.

Bonus: You will receive your Loshu Grid Card with Balanced name, positive years, along with remedies.

Course Duration:
1 Month @10500/- (2 days in a week Late evening)


Complete Numerology

This is the best course for people who are looking a career in this field. We cover all the areas of predictions in it, nothing left undone.

Bonus: You will receive your Loshu Grid Card with Balanced name, positive years, along with remedies and how to make your own visiting card according to numerology.

Course Duration:
3 months @23000/- (2 days in a week late evening)


About me

Hi, I’m Aviiral pandeiiy, Your
numerologist and vaastu expert

Helping so many people for a long time to live a healthy and prosperous life with the help of numerology and vaastu, we feel ourself blessed. We believe in natural solutions which are related to mother nature and divine energies. To enjoy all the years of our age we should make balance of nature in our lives. We value our ancestors and their learnings, their knowledge towards life and try to carry on those things for better living.




Motivational Story of Month


Once the Bodhisattva was born as an ascetic. He had five hundred followers, who lived with him in his mountain abode. One day, half of his followers, including their chief had gone away looking for food. Suddenly the Bodhisattva fell sick and took to bed. The followers who had remained with him at the abode reached his bedside to tend to him. They asked him what his life’s achievement was. The Bodhisattva replied “nothing”. The followers failed to understand the true meaning of the wise man’s words.

They considered him to be a failure because he had achieved nothing. Soon after, the Bodhisattva died. The foolish followers give him a simple burial, without any ceremony. When the chief of the other half of the followers returned, he explained to the others that their master had achieved such divinity that he could see beyond the ordinary appearance of things. But they did not understand him either.

One night, the Bodhisattva appeared before his followers and said, “The one hears the Truth and understand it immediately is far better off than a hundred fools who spend a hundred years thinking”. The followers then realised that one should listen when the wise speaks. — by Aviiral 

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