Crystals are the best gift for human from mother nature. They have divine healing powers, protect us from negative energies and fill us with positivity. Healing crystals are just some of the natural tools for relieving anxiety, stress, anxiety, fear, worry or even panic attacks.

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Yantras have influential energy of particular planet or diety, whom it may belong. ‘Yan’ means to control, curb or influence and ‘Tra’ means a tool.Yantra is a tool or diagram illustrating sacred geometrical in a symmetrical design which emits cosmic positive energies curb negative energies and help individuals upraise spiritually.

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The word Rudraksha is derived from the words Rudra (Shiva) and aksha (eyes). Rudraksha is the only sacred and the highly spiritual beads exists on the earth which has countless benefits. The powerful Rudraksha beads heal on a mental, physical, emotional, material and spiritual level.

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