Complete Numerology

This is the best course for those who are seeking a career in this field. It is an exhaustive course that gives you a deep dive into all aspects of numerology. Course takers belonging to any profession will benefit tremendously from this course by choosing the right calculations of their name, their company’s name, professional mobile numbers. You will gain the expertise to advise individuals and companies electing the right employees mapping staff members to suitable roles which will improving their productivity to enhance the company’s results. Not just professionals, even students can benefit from this science to choose best career options without any confusion. Individuals can choose their life partner or business partners with more clarity. This course also helps in making better stock market decisions, Vaastu rectifications, complete knowledge of remedies including yantras, wearables for elements balancing and tips on how to perform them and wear them. You’ll learn how to make predictions from a Loshu grid chart in a few minutes.

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Mobile numerology

It’s a very special course for making life predictions through mobile numbers. We teach this course by incorporating a very rare Vedic grid. Imagine you get a call on your phone and you are able to predict the caller’s current life situations on the spot by simply glancing at his/her phone number. Wouldn’t that surprise the caller who has no idea how you did it. Mobile number numerology is full of pleasant surprises for you. You’ll learn how to choose the best mobile number to succeed in a particular profession or to increase chances for foreign trips or for higher education, admin posts, property purchase and for other aspirations.


Foundation Course

In our foundation course we provide detailed knowledge of numbers and planets, and how they are connected to each other. You will learn this science with the help of a storyline that will be easy to remember. In addition, the course will be enhanced students’ knowledge of Mobile number numerology and how to make accurate predictions using it. This course is specifically designed for those who want a working knowledge of numerology, without going into the depths of science. With the help of this workshop you can easily predict core nature of any individual within seconds using his/her date of birth.