Foundation course of 5 days

After completing 5 days foundation course of numerology, you will be able to analyze any date of birth predict his/her core nature, strengths and weaknesses according to science of Numerology.

Just Rs. 510/-

(1 hour daily for 5 days)

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You will also be able to recommend very effective, life changing remedy involving “Yantras”, also remedies involving five elements and semi-precious stones. A valuable and easy to learn Numerology course for everyone !

Foundation Course of Numerology


  1. History of Numerology and its accuracy
  2. Role of Planets according to Numbers
  3. Nature of Numbers
  4. How To calculate Psychic, Destiny and Kua Numbers
  5. Role of Psychic, Destiny and Kua in our life
  6. Placement of Date of Birth numbers in Loshu Grid
  7. 12 Arrows of Loshu Grid and their significance
  8. Numerological Opposition and compatibility of numbers
  9. Explanation and predictions of Numbers 1-31
  10. Master Numbers and Karmic Numbers
  11. Lucky Numbers, lucky colors and lucky stones according to Date of birth
  12. Remedies of missing numbers
  13. Mobile Numerology through Batting numbers
  14. Remedies through Yantra
  15. Quick remedies through Magical codes

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Navender Bhardwaj

Hello all, after lockdown my business needed a boost so someone recommend me to take consultation from Trinetr Blessings, they balanced my name as well as my company’s name too, it’s really amazing just making few changes in the names, how much it helped to grow my business like never before. I’m really happy with my current business growth and highly recommend Mr. Pandeiiy for any business related problems.

Ankiit Sharma

I came across Aviiral ji by divine grace and am thankful to almighty for it. Aviiral ji has a humane and practical approach to age old science of numerology and his extensive and vast knowledge has improved my family’s life. His predictions are accurate and remedial measures helped me and my wife in improving several aspects of our lives. We are healthier and happier by following the path shown by him.
We thank Aviiral ji for his guidance and may God bless him

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